Women’s Health

Connecting us back to our body and mind through-out the different stages of our life using movement, breathwork and bodywork.


-For Pregnancy Wellbeing: Yoga and Movement, Massage, Breathwork

-For Postnatal Wellbeing: Yoga and Movement, Massage, Myofascial release for Postnatal care looking at posture, core stability, pelvis examination, scar tissue etc…

-Myofascial release & massage for endometriosis, fibromyalgia, fibroids (and tissue adhesions in general)

-Pelvic floor work: Working externally and internally to help balance the pelvis, what it holds and where it connects to other parts of the body. Pelvic floor work may help back issues, piriformis pain, stress incontinence, vaginismus, vulvodynia, general pain from urogenital surgery and even plantar fasciitus.


Do you know about the power of breath work?

Using a coherent breath as the foundation to syncronise our breath with our heart rate and brainwaves we can influence the rest of our body using various techniques to help balance the body especially how we think and feel about things and how they influence us.

Breath work for Womens Health technqiues can help with pregnancy, postnataly, for perimenopause and menopause aswell as many other issues- just ask me


Prenatal movement & massage pack

Postnatal movement & massage pack

Menopause Cafe: FREE EVENT!

11th May, 6.30pm – Breathwork and meditation for menopause symptoms.

Adult learning centre, Queens Rd. Walthamstow.


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