Sound Baths

The ceremony of sound….you will be lead through some gentle movements of the breath and body before laying down, to be immersed in sonic sound healing and relaxation.

A Sound Bath and Sound Journey with Sherene

Relax, release and meditate with sound vibrations…
During the session you will hear and feel various tones from either Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs and other instruments, releasing different frequencies to encourage meditation, relaxation and self healing.

The sound waves carry into the cells and tissues of the body, interacting with the electrochemical activity of the nervous system and brain waves, helping to restore balance and homeostasis. The majority of the human body is made up of water so you are not only hearing sound but the pulsations and vibrations of sound waves are literally washing through you.

Sound sessions- for workshops and re-treats, 1-2-1 healing and ceremonies.


North London Buddhist Centre

Sunday Sound Baths at NLBC 5.00- 6.30pm

Sunday 3rd April

Sunday 8th May

Sunday 19th June

Sunday 17th July

To book:

£20 or concession price available

North London Buddhist Centre ( Higbury & Islington/Holloway road )

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